Sounds Big

The sentence "sounds big" has a particular meaning to me.
 When I was 26 years old, Investment Analyst at T-Venture, I had the privilege to attend a Amadeus Capital Fund Board meeting.
 Pundits like Herrmann Hauser and Frank Bonsal (Founder NEA) were participating.
Someone was mentioning a new tech start-up (don't remember which) and Frank just said:

 Souunds BIIGG. (in a slightly southern accent)

(free pic under CC)

 So what was so particular about this comment in this particular context ?
It showed to me a lot about this gentleman:

  •  He is aiming for huge markets 
  •  He admits that he does not exactly know about the business/industry and is not ashamed of implicitly admitting it 
  •  He seems to rely on intuition (could as well have said: Let's analyze the market and the product) 
  •  It showed his positive mental attitude & optimism the way he said it.

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