Why Brave might be the future of online advertising

This is a quote from a leading manager at Brave: 

"Brave is a free, privacy-focused browser that blocks all the creepy stuff on the Internet. Users retain guardianship of their data and have a faster, cheaper, and safer browsing experience.

Integrated into the browser is a token called the Basic Attention Token ("BAT"). In a token sale that raised $36 million in 24 seconds, Brave created BAT as a means of accounting for user attention online. Users earn BAT while browsing, and pay BAT to publishers to access and support digital content and services.

On top of the browser and integrated token, Brave has built a blockchain-based, private ad platform. Users, should they choose to opt-in to (and get paid for) seeing ads, are served high quality and relevant ads without leakage of their data, as all ad-matching will be done by local (on-device) machine learning. Having launched >2.5k campaigns for >400 advertisers to date, Brave continues to deliver a >9% CTR."

--> I will come back later with an analysis of their UVP 

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