Is securitization the same as tokenization ?

The section below is a quote from https://drfazal.medium.com/from-securitization-to-tokenization-817d4b6ef759 . I have slightly changed the wording due to SEO duplicate content issues 

What is Securitization

"Assets with relatively stable cash flows and related characteristics are bundled into interest-bearing securities with marketable investment characteristics, which is known as securitization. ABS refers to the conversion of an illiquid asset into a tradable security, such as bonds or securities, which is more liquid than the underlying debt or receivables. Asset securitization will reduce risk, increase liquidity, and boost economic performance.

The securitization mechanism divides a bank's conventional position into many specialized roles, such as issuer, underwriter, rating agency, servicer, and, trustee. The issuer, also known as the sponsor or originator holds the collateral assets for the asset-backed security together. Since structured financing provides a convenient platform for financial institutions including banks, finance, and mortgage companies to sell their securities, issuers are often the debt originators of the pool of securitized properties.

Asset-backed security market tends to expand into new securitization deals ranging from gems to agricultural crops to venture capital that have arisen over the last few years, as this mechanism will cover any form of financial commodity and foster liquidity in the marketplace. In the future, investors anticipate even more groundbreaking offers."

Blockchains and Tokens 

"Any blockchain is inextricably tied to tokens or cryptocurrencies. A blockchain cannot be built without giving people incentives to create it, just as a decentralized type of token cannot survive without the protection provided by a blockchain. The reward is a decentralized token or cryptocurrency.

Token is a peer-to-peer digital wrapper that allows us to build, customize, and exchange any conceivable commodity without friction. To summarize, tokenization has the potential to streamline our current capital markets and allow us to build an environment where value can be transferred seamlessly. This may have far-reaching consequences for our economies in the future.

Tokenization not only allows us to build a digital envelope around any physical, digital, or intangible asset, but it also allows us to automate the trustless movement of digital assets by digitally enabling the performance of important contractual deliverables without the need for human intervention.

This means that conventional centralized securitization's trustworthy intermediaries, such as rating agencies, servicers, and trustees, are no longer needed, saving time, manpower, and costs."

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