My personal values as a business leader: honesty, clarity, simplicity

I personally believe that it is of utmost importance to start your career with a set of values and revisit them once in a while by asking ?

1. were these the right values for me ?

2. were these the right values for my peers, direct reports and managers?
3. if not what values should be replaced with what values?

These are my personal values

1. Honesty

2. Clarity
3. Simplicity

1. Honesty

- Walk the talk as a leader
- do not have hidden agendas
antonyms: lying and hiding

2. Clarity

- provide a clear vision
- communicate where we stand
- be open with feedback
- always communicate concisely
antonyms:  ambiguity and obfuscation

3. Simplicity

- make things simple for customers, employees, stakeholders
- delegate and decentralize because big things move slowly and complacently
antonyms: complexity, complication, excuses

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