How to predict the future as a VC

 Of course, you can't. But these are ways how to deal with uncertainty and unpredictability 

1. Fast Follower 

Like CZ, just acknowledge that you cannot predict them but have laser-sharp focus on your market screening and intelligence. Once you spot something in order to buy, invest or build, have an organization in place that is able to execute at light speed 

2. Opportunity Observer 

Look for inflection points. What are events that will increase confidence in a breakthrough of something you predict ? This can be big brands adopting a technology (such as NFTs), or certain numbers that are hit in terms of user adoptions, or key opinion leaders who flip their previously negative mindset towards a technology into a bullish perspective. 

3. Tech Visionary  

Do long term bets based on a strong investment thesis. Just like any good company paints a picture of its role in the future (It is called vision statement), paint a picture of how the technology solves an existing problem or disrupts an industry or domain from the bottom up. 

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