Dracoon Ventures is my new Web3 Advisory Firm

 I have made the decision to set up a new Web3 Advisory Firm called Dracoon Ventures

The Web3 startup community still lacks experience. Although there are a lot of smart entrepreneurs both on the investors and entrepreneurs side, most managers simply lack the experience of actually having done it. 

While there is a myriad of experienced Web2 professionals that could fill this gap, adoption and transition into this domain is not happening, yet. For instance, if you take a look at some Web3 development growth stats, it is currently around 30k world-wide, rather stagnating. We still have too many scam actors, too many engineers building for geeks only. Furthermore, Web3 is complicated and Web2, Web1 professionals have barely built their position in big data, SEO, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, mobile economy etc. 

With AI now being at the forefront of the narrative, Web3 somewhat has become a second order priority. 

What will Dracoon Ventures offer as a Web3 Advisory

1. Tokenomics - how do you come up with the best token economy on the supply and demand side? 

2. DAO & Governance - how do you come up with a sound and balanced decision making governance structure ? How do you manage costs in a treasury ? 

3. Growth and Restructuring - how do you grow without outspending on big media ? How do you restructure and pivot your business for long-term play?

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